This page provides information and steps regarding section deletion and section cancellation, including when it's possible to perform these actions.

When can a section be deleted?

A section can be deleted if the section is still in Planning status and the section number may be re-used.

When can a section be cancelled?

Once a section has been submitted and is no longer in Planning status, it cannot be deleted and instead must be cancelled.

  • Departments can cancel sections if there is no enrollment.
  • Cancelled section numbers cannot be re-used during that session.
  • Sections with enrollments must be cancelled by the Office of the Registrar. Please review Course Cancellation Best Practices information.

Course Section Deletion

How to Delete a Course Section

Image shows the view link next to a course section in offerings planner

Delete button located at the bottom of a course section summary page

Pop-up message advises the user to update the opt enrollment if the section being cancelled is related to a lecture. 

Pop-up message and button to confirm deletion.

Course Section Cancellation

How to Cancel a Course Section

If a course section is in Approved planner status, the planner is Open, and there are no students enrolled, the department can change the Registration status to Cancelled. 

View section link in offerings planner

If courses are viewable on MyUI before a section is cancelled, it's likely students have built schedules using the course section which will be cancelled. 

Schedule Builder link in the Tabs area on the summary page of a course section

Instructors are not able to perform this function but ADAs can. Notifying students of sections being cancelled before registration begins allows the students to search for another course prior to trying to register. 

List of students who have the course section in at least one saved schedule

Registration Status Link on the course section summary page

Drop down where Cancelled can be chosen as the registration status

Image shows registration status changed to Cancelled

Cancel Sections with Enrollments

How to Cancel a Course Section with Enrolled Students

When students are enrolled in a section which a department must cancel, the Office of the Registrar must drop the students and cancel the section. Please follow the guidelines provided on the Course Cancellation Best Practices page. 

View Cancelled Section(s)

How to View a Cancelled Course Section

image shows returns when searching for course and in default view only shows one section with Open Registration Status



Image shows return to section list link within specific course section


Option to view all sections for a course which will show cancelled sections

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