The commencement panel in MAUI allows advisors to see if a student has submitted a degree application and whether or not the student has completed their RSVP in MyUI to attend commencement. Individuals with the maui.advisor role now have access to view information on this panel. Access has been granted for the purpose of aiding advisors who are working with students who are nearing graduation.

This page includes information about the details provided on the commencement panel, as well as best practices for use of the information. 

How the Degree Application and RSVP Interact

The ability for a student to RSVP in MyUI for commencement is tied to the student's degree application. 

As such, the following must be the case:

  • The individual must have an active degree application or have had a degree conferred within the past year
    • Degree application: Students with an active degree application for the current or the +1 future session will be able to RSVP in MyUI. 
      • Spring example: must have an active spring or summer degree application in order to RSVP in MyUI.
      • Fall example: must have an active fall or spring degree application in order to RSVP in MyUI.
    • Conferred degree: Individuals who have had a degree conferred within the past year will have access to the RSVP in MyUI. 
  • The RSVP must be open. In general, the RSVP for fall commencement will open in September, and the RSVP for spring commencement will open in February.
  • The student's degree seeking program must hold a ceremony during that session. 
    • Not all programs hold ceremonies in the fall. Students who fulfill degree requirements in the fall are invited to the following spring ceremony if their program doesn't hold a fall ceremony. In some cases, students can participate early if their program only holds a spring ceremony. The full list of ceremonies is available on the UI Commencement website. 

Accessing the Commencement Panel in MAUI

After navigating to a student's record, select "Commencement" from the tabs area at the top right of your screen. 

Within a student's record the user selects Commencement from the tabs dropdown at the top right of the screen.


Commencement Panel Components

There are four possible pieces of information advisors will find on the commencement panel, depending on where the student is in the degree application and commencement RSVP process.

  1. Degree application session and status
  2. Commencement attendance information area
  3. RSVP confirmation and update message timestamps
  4. Student notes and files
4 Panel components; Degree application and status, Commencement RSVP info, Commencement Mailings and Student Notes.

Please note: There are live links for "edit RSVP" and "view slide". Only the UI Commencement Team and collegiate commencement coordinators should be accessing/updating these areas. 

Four Commencement Panel Scenarios

No Degree Application and no RSVP

If the student has not yet submitted a degree application the panel will include no information.

Commencement panel showing no degree application on file.


Degree Application and no RSVP

When an active degree application is present but an RSVP has not been submitted the RSVP information area will be blank and there will be no commencement mailings. 

Commencement panel with degree application info present but no RSVP yet submitted.

Commencement RSVP submitted

When a RSVP is on file there will be degree application, RSVP, and commencement mailing information present.

Commencement panel showing degree application, RSVP confirmation info and commencement mailing timestamp.

Previously conferred degree(s) and active degree application

If a degree was previously earned it will appear on the panel, with the active degree application on a separate line along with the RSVP associated with it (if one has been submitted). 

Commencement panel showing a previously conferred degree on one line with an active degree application on a separate line.

FAQs and Additional Information

The commencement website provides a list of degrees recognized at the 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. ceremonies. Individuals should refer to this list to determine which ceremony they are to attend. 

Students earning dual degrees in CLAS should attend the ceremony during which their primary program of study is recognized. 

Students earning degrees from more than one college will be able to indicate which ceremony or ceremonies they wish to attend. Likewise, they can indicate they do not plan to attend one or both of the ceremonies. 

Additional Help with the Commencement Panel

Graduation mortar board.

UI Commencement Team