Administrators have the ability to add information about a course or a section to supplement the General Catalog Description via the MyUI Course and MyUI Section Information areas in Offerings Planner. 

There are six fields available to display additional course information in MyUI: Course Description, Course Registration Information, Section Description, Section Requirements, Section Recommendations, and Section Registration Information. 

Image shows the six fields administrators can update in MAUI to provide course information in MyUI.

Policy/Things to Note

  • MyUI Course and Section text replicates indefinitely unless an end session is added or the field content is deleted.
  • Registration Information must be present for Hybrid courses when an ARR line is used. The text should explain what the ARR time is and should be in place when sections are submitted for initial approval.
  • Information entered in the MyUI Course or Section areas should not duplicate the General Catalog Description and instead should be used to provide supplemental information about the course.
  • Information entered into the MyUI Course Description field will display on all sections of that course UNLESS an individual course section has information in the MyUI Section Description field. In that case, the Section Description will display on that specific section instead of the Course Description.
  • Please do not place textbook information within these areas and instead order items through the Iowa Hawk Shop and University Bookstore, or place textbook/resource material in the course Syllabus or on ICON.

Course Description

Departments have the option to use the MyUI Course Description field to provide as much detail about a course as is desired. Information provided within the MyUI Course Description field will display on every section of a course. 

The exception to this is when information is also entered into the MyUI Section Description field. Any section with information in this field will override the course description and will display instead. 

If information is present in both the course and section descriptions, it's important to review the content and ensure any important information listed in the course description field is also listed in the section description field, or students will not see it. 

Course description text replicates forward indefinitely unless an end session is put in place or the text is deleted. 

Course Description Example

The following course description example provides detailed information about course pedagogy, expectations, assignments and exams. 

MAUI and MyUI Views of Course Descriptions

Text located in MyUI Course Description field explaining course content
MyUI Course Description text as viewed in MyUI.

Add a Course Description

Description link in course section, description field blank.
"Create new course description" link within Course Descriptions panel
Effective Session, Course Description field and Save button.
Return to course section link on course description panel.
Return to course section link on course description panel.
Section summary page with newly added course description text present.

Add an End Session

An end session can be added when a department wishes to maintain a historical record of course descriptions used but no longer wants that text to display after the end session chosen.

If no end session is indicated, the course description will replicate indefinitely and should be reviewed/updated each semester to ensure accuracy prior to initial section submission. 

Add End Session Steps

Click the description link on the section summary page.
Click the pencil icon to access the end date drop down.

The end session used can be for the same session the course description was added for, or for a future session. In this case, Winter 2022 was chosen so that the text will no longer show for Spring 2023. 

Choose and End Session and click Save.
An end session is now listed next to the course description text.
Looking at a session after the end session, the course description no longer displays.
New course description added and prior description with end session is retained.

Remove/Delete a Course Description

Department administrators can remove/delete a course description through a few simple steps.

Keep in mind that if a course description is deleted, it is not retained. It will also not display in MAUI on any previous sessions. For these reasons, we recommend adding an end session instead of deleting course descriptions. 

Remove/Delete a Course Description Steps
Description link in course section, description field blank.
Trashcan icon to the right of course description text will delete the course description.
User must click OK to confirm they want to delete the course description.
Message confirms course description was deleted.

Embed Media in a Course Description

Departments may wish to include videos or images within course descriptions to provide more information about their course. The section includes instructions for adding videos and images within MAUI that will display within the Course Description in MyUI. 

Instructions for Adding YouTube Video to Course Description

Course description link.
Click to edit existing or click create new description.
Click on symbol to access source code area.

You will enter the following:

<p><iframe title="YouTube video player" src=" INFO FROM URL HERE/" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen=""></iframe></p>


Delete highlighted text.

Please note: characters in your video will not match the characters shown in the following image.  

Shows YouTube URL and which characters to paste.
Enter pasted characters and click ok.
Shows video uploaded to course description field.

Instructions for Adding Images to Course Description

Section Description

When a course has multiple sections, and there are sections with content unique from the other sections, it can be beneficial to provide information in the MyUI Section Description field for those sections. This information helps those viewing course sections in MyUI to evaluate and understand each section's content.

Best practice is to include a section description when the section also has a section subtitle. 

When utilizing this field, if there is also a course description, please review both fields. If there is information only reflected in the course description that needs to be viewable in MyUI, it must be added to the section description. This is because the section description displays instead of the course description. 

Information in the section description field replicates until the text in the field is deleted. 

Section Description Example

The following section description examples provide detailed information about course section content which is unique from other sections of the course. 

ENGL:1200, Interpretation of Literature, is a good example of a course with multiple sections. Some sections have specific, unique content. In these cases, the sections will include a Section Subtitle in addition to the Course Title, and a MyUI Section Description should be present. 

ENGL:1200:0002's section subtitle is "Reckoning with the Realities of Inequity," and the section description reflects the content. 

Text in the section description field for ENGL:1200:0002.

ENGL:1200:0017's section subtitle is "Otherwise: Encountering the Other," and the section description reflects this content. 

Text in the section description field for ENGL:1200:0017.

Sections with section description content will display in MyUI, while other sections of the same course with only course description content will display that information, instead.

ENGL:1200:0002 (section with subtitle)

MyUI view of section description for ENGL:1200:0002.

ENGL:1200:0017 (section with subtitle)

MyUI view of section description for ENGL:1200:0017.

Other ENGL:1200 sections display the course description information. 

MyUI description for ENGL:1200 section with no section description.

Add a Section Description

While similar to the process of adding a course description, adding a section description is somewhat different. 

Add a Section Description Steps

Location of description link under the MyUI Sections header in a course section

Bring over any text in the course description field UNLESS that information duplicates the general catalog description. We recommend placing the course description information below the section-specific information.

Enter text in the section description field and click Save.

On this panel you will see the course description at the top, next to the course number without a section number. Below, any sections with a section description will display text in that field. 

On section list panel, course description and section description are present.

Remove a Section Description

Section descriptions will remain in place and will replicate unless the section description is deleted. For section descriptions, there is not an option to place an end session.

Remove Section Description Steps

Description link beneath the MyUI Sections header in a course section.

There is no delete button to click, you use the backspace or delete button on your keyboard. 

Highlight all text and remove by clicking the delete button on your keyboard.
Source code icon to open source code panel
Ensure no source code is present and delete if any characters are shown.
Click Save to confirm deletion of section description.


Green bar with confirmation message that section description has been removed.
Course section list now only shows course description.

Registration Information

While adding content to the registration information field is optional in some cases, it is necessary information to communicate in others. This section explains circumstances where registration information is required, as well as suggested uses for this field. 

Section-level registration information replicates until deleted.

Please use unformatted text only in this field, as links will not display in MyUI when used in this field. 

Registration Information Field Uses

  • To communicate important information to students that they should know prior to enrollment
  • To provide contact information when courses have restrictions
  • To explain an ARR (Arranged) time/location line, any time an arranged line is present with a set meeting pattern
  • For Independent Study courses to indicate prospective enrollees must contact the instructor prior to enrollment
  • For sections offered for variable hours, to indicate what additional work is being completed when a student enrolls for the higher semester hour option

When is Registration Information Required?

Registration information must be present and accurate prior to initial submission of course sections in the following cases:

  • When a course has a Delivery Mode of Hybrid and one of the time/location lines includes ARR
  • When a course section's credit hours are not fulfilled by the information in the time/location area
  • When a course is off-cycle and the date in the time/location area does not match the override end date

The information entered by the department in the registration information field should provide explanation for the above scenarios.

Registration Information Examples

"Native speakers of French should not register for this course. Please see the course supervisor."

"Students will come to class once per week and will complete additional assignments outside of class time, including Virtual Reality sessions."

"Contact English Honors Director [First Name] [Last Name], at [First Name]-[Last Name], to override restriction."

"Students must have passed their comprehensive exam before registering."

"This course consists of an online lecture section and discussion sections (face-to-face or online). Students must attend both to successfully complete this course."

Add Registration Information

Information coming soon

Remove Registration Information

information coming soon


The requirements field can be used to communicate guidelines a department expects an enrollee to meet, but will not prevent a student who does not meet those guidelines from enrolling. 

Requirements can be added at the section-level by departments, or at the course-level via a Revise Course Form through the Course Library.

Adding text in the Requirement field to communicate a restriction is allowed, but should be paired with a course restriction if the department wishes MAUI to check eligibility for enrollment. 

Examples of Requirements used by Colleges

"Sophomore or higher standing"

"Non-accounting major"

"Multivariate Calculus and Linear Algebra"

"Non-art Major"

"Closed to Physics and Astronomy Majors"



Applied at the Course Library level and displayed in MAUI under the Course Library header, the recommendations field is an area to provide information to students to help guide their decision-making when evaluating courses for possible enrollment. 

Information in this field cannot be edited by departments and is updated by submitting a revise course form. The information displays on all sections of a course.

Examples of Recommendations used by Colleges

"Computer programming experience"

"Previous experience with video production; prior cinema courses or filmmaking experience helpful, but not required"

"Interest in teacher training and preparation"

"Background in science (psychology, biology, chemistry, physics)"

"One semester of Human Anatomy and one semester of Statistics or Biostatistics"

MyUI Course and Section Report

A report titled Course/Section Information Review has been created to allow departments to review information listed at Course level, Section level, and Course Library level for their courses.

The intent of this report is to provide one place where departments can review all text entered in MAUI, which then appears in MyUI, to ensure the information is accurate. 

If working remotely, you must be logged in to the VPN to view this report. 

Things to Note When Using this Report

  • Only information for the Admin Home of the course will display
  • The report can be downloaded/exported for offline use/updates
  • If the exported report is being used to record information to later update in MAUI, it's imperative the text is pasted as plain text into MAUI so that formatting created by the outside source (Word, Excel, etc) is not carried over to MAUI
  • Information in the Requirements field will come from one of two places: course level requirements through Course Library (cannot be edited by department) or section level requirements via the MyUI Sections area (can be edited by department)
  • General Catalog information is listed in this report for review and comparison with course and section description text. Changes to General Catalog text must be requested via a Revise Course Form

Using the Course/Section Information Review Report

Session, Course College, and Subject(s) must be selected to generate the report. 

Additional filters, including Delivery Mode, Planner Status and Registration Status may be applied.

Course/Section Information Report Navigation in MAUI

One or more course subjects must be chosen. 

Choose report filters and click Generate.

Click on the course hyperlink to go to the section summary page where you can make updates to the course/section fields. 

Use the right arrow to page forward to additional sections. 

Report shows content in course and section information areas with ability to click into a course section.
Disk icon to click and export report.

Course/Section Report Navigation in Excel

Highlight header row and filter report.

With this filter chosen you will only see sections with the Delivery Mode Hybrid. Look for sections with an ARR time/location line and ensure there is text in the section registration information area to indicate how the ARR work is being completed. 

Excel report filtered by Hybrid Delivery Mode.

Right click or Ctrl+C to copy the text in the selected cell. 

Text highlighted and copy link chosen.

Click in the MAUI link where the text will be placed.

Right click and choose "paste as plain text" to remove any formatting that would carry over from the other source.

Paste as plain text chosen

Text will paste in the UI Brand Manual approved font and will match the font used in other MyUI fields. 

Text copied into MAUI unformatted.

The text on the left was pasted from another source with formatting in place. The text on the right is the default font used by MAUI. 

Text on left is formatted, text on right is not formatted, which is preferred for consistency

Additional Help with MyUI Course and Section Information

Person standing a white board.

Classroom Scheduling

Classroom Scheduling manages and schedules the central pool of University Classrooms throughout campus. This includes coordination of classrooms for schedule of courses, special academic events, and general maintenance and upkeep.