Beginning the 6th day of the fall/spring semester, the 1st day of summer/winter session, or the 1st day of any off-cycle course that begins within the regular session, students may request to add courses online by obtaining required authorizations. In most cases, the online process replaces the paper add forms used in previous sessions. 

Online Course Add Notifications

Every morning at 5:00 a.m., emails will be sent to departments and Advisors with a list of students who have pending course add requests that have not been authorized by the department (or instructor) during the previous 24 hours. Emails will be sent to Academic Department Administrators and Advisors. Instructors will not receive these emails. 

How to Access Online Add Requests

  1. Log-in to MAUI with your HawkID and Password. 

  2. Click on My Courses.  

    my courses link
  3. Locate the course, and select View under Class List. 

    class list
  4. At the top of the Class List panel, there is a table called Pending Registration Changes. 

    pending registration changes

Step-by-Step Instructions

Authorizing an Online Add Request

  1. Click Authorize for the student(s) that have permission to join the course. 
    instructor authorization


  • Instructors can only authorize or revoke adds for students in sections they are assigned to.  

  • If an instructor is only assigned to one piece of a related section course, they will only be able to authorize for that piece. We suggest that add authorizations for courses with multiple related sections work through their departmental administrator so they can authorize everything at once. 

  • Instructor Authorization = Departmental Authorization, and visa-versa. If an instructor authorizes, the departmental administrator does not need to. 

  • If authorization is performed by Department Administrator: Has the department been in consultation with the instructor regarding student’s request to add? 

  • Check to ensure student’s overall registration authorization has not been revoked.

  • Check to ensure the student still has a session day & time assignment posted. 

  • Review the course for:

    • Course Restrictions 

    • Course Prerequisites 

    • Course Requirements 

  • Optimum Enrollment of the Course- If the course is in a University Classroom, the enrollment should be less than or equal to 50% of the room capacity for Summer 2021. 

    • If authorization is granted and student completes add, optimum enrollment will be overridden. 

  • How far along is the instructor in their curriculum? Can the student catch up? 

  • Is the course off-cycle? Has the course ended?   

  • At the time they complete the Add in MyUI, students’ registration will be checked for max hours, management type restrictions, and program credit hour limits. 

Courses which allow Multiple Section Registration will work with online add requests, unless only one section is offered. A student cannot register in a second instance even if course has variable hours. 


  • DANC:4884:0001 offered for 1, 2, 3, 4 hours – multiple section registration is allowed, but the student will not be able to add the same section twice, even if different semester hour options are needed.  
  • 0IND sections with the same instructor will have the same issue once those are available to initiate add.

  • If a student is currently at their program credit hour limit, they will not see the Initiate Add Request button in MyUI.   

  • Advisors and Administrators can initiate the add in MAUI, but the student would not be able to complete the add. 

  • If an administrative add puts a student at their Program Credit Hour Limit, they will not receive a warning that the add puts them at their credit hour limit.  A credit hour limit message will display to student on MyUI.  

  • Courses with “Pending” Registration Status 

  • Independent Study (0IND) Courses - please submit a signed Change of Registration form. 0IND sections should be available to add online by fall 2021.   

  • Admin Registration only status - please submit a signed Change of Registration form. 

  • Cancelled sections 

Is a student allowed to complete an online add if they are enrolled for another course?  Yes, the student can initiate the add, the add can be authorized, and the student can complete the add.  If they are not enrolled in another course for the session, their complete add will not be processed. 

Once a student has all required authorizations (Departmental/Advisor/Dean) they will receive an email letting them know they have 24 hours to complete the Add request through MyUI.  

Please note: Students will receive one notification at the start of the 24 hour time period. They will not receive multiple notifications as is the case with waitlist offers. 

If a course has multiple related sections (lecture/lab/discussion), all pieces of the relationship need to be authorized before the 24-hour clock starts.  

Students can see when 24 hours expire in MyUI under Courses/Registration, above the session schedule. Under the "Tools" column, within the pending changes table, students not only see the expiration time and date but also can remove or complete the add request. 

If students are unable to complete the add within the 24 hour timeframe, the department, advisor, or dean has the option to re-authorize to start the 24-hour clock again. 



Student Email  


Authorizations granted to add ABCD:1234:0001 

Email Body:  

All required authorizations to add Algorithms have been granted. Go to your registration page within MyUI to complete the add process. Click the "complete add" link, continue to the next page and scroll down to click "Add". 
You have until 24 hours to accept this offer, expires on MM/DD/YYY at 00:00:00 AM/PM 

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