Beginning the 6th day of the fall/spring semester, the 1st day of summer/winter session, or the 1st day of any off-cycle course that begins within the regular session, students may request to change hours online by obtaining required authorizations. In most cases, the online hours change process replaces the paper add forms or email requests used in previous sessions. 

Online Hours Change Notifications

Every morning at 5:00 a.m., emails will be sent to departments with a list of students who have pending hours change requests that have not been authorized by the department (or instructor) during the previous 24 hours. Emails will be sent to a registration email monitored by departmental administrator(s). Please check with your department to determine who is responsible for managing these requests.

Please Note:

When a student initiates a registration change, they are instructed to reach out to the instructor of the course to request that the registration change occur. 

How to Access Hours Change Requests

1. Log-in to MAUI with your HawkID and Password. 

2. Click on My Courses.

MyCourses Link in MAUI

3. Locate the course, and select View under Class List.

View Class Link in MAUI in MyCourses area

At the top of the Class List panel, there is a table called Pending Registration Changes. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

Authorize an Hours Change Request

1. Click Authorize for the student that has requested an hours change. 

2. The Class List panel will update showing HawkID and timestamp for when authorization was granted.

3. The student receives a MyUI notification and email indicating authorization has been granted. Student then completes the section change in MyUI. 

Section Change Approved MyUI Message

Deny an Hours Change Request

1. Click Deny for the student that has requested the hours change.

2. A pop-up appears requiring a reason for denial and email address to contact if the student has questions. The information provided appears in the hours change denied email the student receives.

Admin must provide denial reason and contact information in MAUI.

3. The Class List panel will update showing HawkID and timestamp for when the denial was entered, including the reason for denial. 

Reg panel updated with denial notes

The student receives an email indicating the hours change request was denied, including the note entered in MAUI and the contact email address. 

Hours change denial email.



  • Instructors can only authorize or deny hours changes for students in sections they are assigned to.  

  • Instructor Authorization = Departmental Authorization, and visa-versa. If an instructor authorizes, the departmental administrator does not need to. 

Courses which allow Multiple Section Registration will work with online hours change requests. 

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