The Revise Offering Form provides information to the Office of the Registrar when a critical field needs updating on a section with Approved Planner Status. When the section is in Approved status, these critical fields can only be updated by the Office of the Registrar.

The Critical Fields which trigger the Revise Offering Form are:

  • Time/Location 
  • Session Updates (including off-cycle dates and summer sub-session changes)
  • Credit Hours
  • Building Preference
  • Media Preference
  • Room Preference
  • Delivery Mode

Clicking on one of the above listed critical fields, when the section is in Approved Planner status, will open the Revise Offering Form. 

How to Edit and Submit a Revise Offering Form

The Revise Offering Form can be accessed in the following ways:

  • In the course section click on Revise Offering Form in the Tabs area
  • In the course section click on Credit Hours or Time/Location 

Please see below for some examples of course change requests that would require a Revise Offering Form.

Change Time/Location Information

Note the section is in Approved Status and review the Session to ensure it's correct. 

Link to view Course Section. Be sure to select correct session.

When a section is in Approved Status and one of the three areas listed is clicked, the user is directed to the Revise Offering Form. 

3 options for accessing the revise offering form: Revise Offering Form in the Tabs area, click on Credit Hours or click on Time/Location in the course section

Mandatory fields are denoted with a red asterisk. Credit hours will default to existing selection. Add the new meeting pattern in the Time/Location field and provide a "Reason for Change."

Example of information requested in Revise Offering Form.
Planner status updated to Pending Approval while section information is being updated

Submitting a revise offering form essentially "pauses" the course until the requested updates are made by the Office of the Registrar and the section returns to "Approved" planner status.

If courses are viewable on MyUI and/or registration is underway, students will not be able to build schedules or enroll in courses with "Pending Approval" status. The section will become available again in Schedule Builder and for registration after the section is Approved by the Office of the Registrar. 

Course sections submitted in workflow can be reviewed the the department. If you need to have a course returned to you or have questions about the approval process please review the Planner Workflow Review help page. 

Change Session Dates

Off-cycle courses are those that do not meet for a full session. Please follow these steps if off-cycle course dates need to be changed after a course is in Approved planner status. 

Link to view course section summary page.

Ways to access the revise offering form which include the Revise Offering form link, override start/end date or the time/location link

The override dates should should match the meeting pattern. The Office of the Registrar will update the override dates and the dates in the time/location area.

Please include all time/location lines if there is more than one. 

Calendar to update session dates, time/location field to provide updated meeting pattern info and "reason for change" field

Pending Approval status on course section awaiting updates by Office of the Registrar

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