A  “How To” Guide for finding a program advisor, assigning a student’s advisor, re-assigning students to a different advisor, requesting a new advisor, and inactivation of an advisor.

Find Those Listed as an Advisor

Using the Advisors By Program Report

The report is located under the Advising tab, however, the report is also available within MAUI Reports/Campus Data

Hyperlink to Advisor by Program report
Image of filter to view advisors by program

image of advisor summary screen

Requesting New, Updating, & Inactivation of Advisors

Requesting New, Updating, & Inactivation of Advisors

The Reg MAUI Support team has recently developed an Advisor Assignment Request form in hopes of streamlining & providing a more efficient process. 

If you need to request a new advisor, update a current advisor advising programs, or inactivate an advisor, we would ask that you use the form. Please attach the Multiple Advisor Request Template to the form when the request includes more than one advisor.

Please note when within the form and searching for an individual to add as an advisor, if no results are found it’s quite possible the individual is not yet listed in the UI directory.  If an individual is not listed in the directory, we are unable to add them as an advisor.

Preparing for Advisor Assignment


Student Advisor Assignment by Program report

This is not a live report, updates occur nightly.


  • Click the briefcase symbol in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Click "Reports"
  •  Select "Student Advisor Assignment by Program Report"

Campus Data

  • Log into website with HawkID and password
  • Select "Find"
  • Set filters
    • Topic: Academics
    • Team: Registrar
  • Select "Student Advisor Assignment by Program Report"


  • Admitted applicant for this specific session or 
  • Active POS for this specific session 
  • If a future session is chosen, only admitted applicants for that session appear on the list 
  • Results are not dependent on enrollment 


  • Admitted applicant 
  • Active POS  
    • If both admitted applicant and active POS for the session, only one row displays 

Active POS Advisor Type 

  • If Admitted Applicant status is chosen, only Active POS advisor type choice is Applicant Advisor.  Since only the advisor name is available for an admitted applicant and Active POS Advisor Type is a required field, the Applicant Advisor allows at least the name of the advisor to display. 
  • If want to include those with an Active POS but the student does not have an advisor listed, choose "Select All" for "Active POS Advisor Type."  By making this selection and with the advisor type a required field, it allows the department to find students where an advisor may need to be added.  It’s not feasible to make “None” as an advisor type selection for this report. 

College (this is Program College

  • Select Graduate College for graduate programs 


  • A program represents an area of study offered by the Academic Unit and is a component of the program of study. The program natural key (also displayed on the report) will be necessary if the bulk advisor assignment upload tool is used.  

  • Based on the college selected, appropriate programs will display.  User has the option to choose a specific program, multi-select programs, and “Select All”  

SubProgram (also referred to as track

  • Dropdown choices are based on the program chosen.  If no subprogram exists for program chosen, select “No SubProgram” within dropdown 

Results include: 

  • University ID (required for bulk advisor assignment upload) 
  • Student First Name 
  • Student Last Name 
  • Dataset (Applicant or Active POS) 
  • Program of Study 
    • Since users are more familiar with programs of study than programs, the program of study will also display on the report.  The program of study for student display purposes is a combination of the program + subprogram (if applicable) + degree objective. 
  • Program-college-natural-key (required for bulk advisor assignment upload) 
  • Program-natural-key (required for bulk advisor assignment upload) 
  • Subprogram-natural-key (option for bulk advisor assignment upload) 
  • Qualifier 
  • Learning Center 
  • Primary POS indicator 
  • Advisor 
  • Adv. HawkID (required for bulk advisor assignment upload) 
    • If admitted applicant, only the advisor name will appear.  It’s not programmatically possible within this report to display advisor HawkID for an admitted applicant. 
    • If the Academic Unit is listed as the advisor, only the unit name will display as the unit is not assigned a HawkID. 
  • Advisor Type (required for bulk advisor assignment upload) 
    • If student has more than one advisor assigned, the student will have multiple rows on the spreadsheet as only one advisor is listed per row. 

If you will need to sort columns upon exporting the report, you may find it helpful to export as a CSV (comma delimited file) and then opening in Excel rather than directly exporting to Excel.  The CSV file does not bring in merged cells whereas the direct export to Excel does contain merged cells and does not allow you to sort as easily. 

About the Advisor Assignment by Program report

This report, based on program college, displays a list of a student’s advisors (where available) for admitted applicants and/or students with an active POS based on chosen filters.  It is helpful in locating student advisor assignments needing to be removed or added. 

Advisee Report by Advisor


  • Click on the "Advising" tab
  • Under "Reports" select "Advisee Report by Advisor"


  • Click the briefcase icon on the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  • Select "Reports"
  • Set filters
    • Advising
    • do not select a topic
  1. Click "Go"

Campus Data

  • Click "Find" and set filters
    • Topic: Academics
    • Team: Advising
  • Select "Advisee Report by Advisor"
Advisee report by advisor search

  • There is an option at the bottom of the panel to export to Excel 
  • You may then update the advisor via the Program of Study Advisor panel within MAUI person inspector
Image of Advisee Report Menu

Advisor Assignment Update

Manual Advisor Update

Image of POS Advisor page in Person Inspector
Image of POS Dropdown within Person Inspector

Image of Advisor Type Dropdown and Radio Button

Moving a Student or Updating an Additional Advisor

Image of search field within Advisor Assignment page

Image of Advisor Summary page

Image of filter options to find advisees

Image of hyperlink to update advisor page

Image of radio buttons and "select all" link

Filter to select new advisor assignment
  • You will receive green confirmation at the top of the panel when students have been added to an alternate advisor.
  • If updating as “Additional” advisor, you may want to return to this panel, select the students, and “Remove Assignment”. When choosing the “Additional” advisor type, it will copy the advisee to the alternate advisor whereas if choosing “Principal” the advisee is moved to the alternate advisor. 

Bulk Advisor Assignment Update Tool

If the Academic Unit is to be added or removed for a student, this tool is not available.  Updates of this type will need to be done manually.

Note: If you only have a limited number of advisor changes to make, it would be easier to make them via the program of study advisor change panel in MAUI. 

Bulk Advisor Assignment Update Tool

  • In MAUI, under "Advising" tab 
  • "Administrative Tools" section 
  • Click on "Advisor Assignment Administration" link 
  • Next panel, click on “Advisor Assignment Bulk Upload” link 

  • Next panel, click on “download sample file” and use the template provided   
    • Each line is processed in the order in which it is entered. 
    • Required columns (all columns and data are case sensitive) 
      • univid: Student’s UI ID, 8 characters in length including leading zeroes.
      • program-college-natural-key:  Natural key for the program academic college.
      • program-natural-key: Natural key of program for which you are assigning advisor. 
      • advisor-hawkid:  HawkID of the advisor you are assigning.  Must be valid advisor in MAUI Advisor Administration for program 
      • advisor-type:   
        • For use with any level of study: PRINCIPAL, ADDITIONAL, or INTERIM.
        • Student must have PRINCIPAL advisor before other advisor types can be added.
        • Graduate level only: PROGRAM_COORDINATOR or GRAD_COORDINATOR. 
        • Undergraduate level only: ORIENTATION. 
    • action: ADD or REMOVE 
      • This is the action to take for the advisor you are assigning. 
      • If ADD is indicated and advisor-type is PRINCIPAL, advisor listed will overlay current PRINCIPAL advisor.  For all other advisor types, additional row is added for student’s program of study advisor and multiples can be listed. 
      • REMOVE can only be used for advisor types other than PRINCIPAL. 
    • Optional column 
      • subprogram-natural-key: If subprogram is listed for student, please include the subprogram as part of the file. 

This will return the first line of your data.  Review to ensure it displays as anticipated. 

 If any error messages appear, resolve error messages within file and upload data again. 

You should receive a message indicating how many records were successfully imported.   

  • The bulk advisor assignment upload process runs every 15 minutes  
  • You should receive a confirmation email with the sender indicated as Rebekah Tjelmeland, subject line of Bulk Advisor Assignment Results. Please contact reg-maui-support@uiowa.edu for assistance with resolving error messages

Additional Help with Advisor Administration

Person with question mark icon.

Registrar MAUI Support

Assists faculty and staff with processes in MAUI under the Registrar tab, including Administrative Registration, Section Offerings, Grades and more.