Information and instructions on this page are for collegiate commencement coordinators who have been granted access to the Commencement dashboard in MAUI. 

Commencement Dashboard

To access the Commencement Dashboard in MAUI, click on the Registrar Tab, then click on the "Commencement" link under the Degrees & Awards Header on the bottom left side of the page. 

1) Attendance Panel: this panel displays all "Attending" and "Not Attending" responses for each collegiate ceremony. This panel displays live data as RSVPs are submitted in MyUI. Clicking on the number below the ceremony header takes the user into the Commencement Attendance Report. 

2) Person Inspector: use this field to search for individual students. 

3) Slide Photo Review: links to the slide photo review panel where collegiate administrators approve or deny photos submitted by students who RSVP "attending" and "not attending" 

4) Commencement Ceremony Attendance Report: links to the report where commencement coordinators can view RSVP responses and additional information for the current session's commencement ceremonies. The report, when downloaded, provides additional information that is not displayed on the MAUI view. 

4 components of the commencement dashboard: Attendance panel, Person Inspector, Slide Photo Review link and Commencement Ceremony Attendance report link

Individual Student Commencement Panel

To access an individual student's Commencement Panel type their UID, HawkID, name or email address in the Person Search area and click "search". 

Person inspector search field

You will likely need to select Commencement in the Tabs area at the top right of your screen. 

Commencement drop down next to the Tabs area

The student's Commencement Panel displays the following:

  • Degree Award(s) with either an "Add RSVP" or "Edit RSVP" link, depending if an RSVP has been submitted yet
  • The Commencement Mailings area which shows if any RSVP confirmation or RSVP update emails have been sent to the student
  • A "View History" area where you can review changes and updates made to a student's RSVP 
Degree Awards area with RSVP edit or add link, Commencement Mailings and View History options


RSVP Add/Edit Panel

RSVPs should only be added for students under limited circumstances.

  • If the RSVP is still open and you've created an RSVP on their behalf, please direct students to their RSVP in MyUI. They should review edits or make additions to their response information (add a photo, add photographer contact information, etc.)
  • Once the RSVP is closed please add a RSVP for students who reach out after the deadline if they will be allowed to participate in the ceremony.
    • These students will be included in commencement update messages and will fill in their name pronunciation and mailing address information at their ceremony. 


Commencement Coordinators will only be able to submit and/or update Attending or Not Attending, Commencement Name and Name Pronunciation information (Graduate College will be able to add/edit Doctoral Hooder information). 


Individual lines will show here for students with previously conferred degrees and with cancelled degree applications. Please take care to select the correct line. 

Add RSVP link on the individual student's commencement panel

If the RSVP is open students should access the RSVP in MyUI and enter their own name pronunciation information. After the RSVP is closed, students who are administratively added will provide that information on their name card at their ceremony. 

Screen where attendance choice and name choice are selected by administrators in MAUI.
RSVP saved confirmation message and updated Commencement Panel information
  • Confirmation message will be sent from
  • The message will contain the RSVP deadline date
  • Messages are sent to the student each time an RSVP is submitted and updated, regardless of whether the edits are made by the student in MyUI or by an administrator in MAUI 

Message contents: 

Message confirming RSVP has been submitted

It takes a few minutes for the message information to populate under the Commencement Mailings header. Refreshing the page will display the information. 

Confirmation email sent with timestamp
Confirmation that RSVP is saved in MyUI


Edit RSVP link on the individual student's commencement panel

Updates were made to Name Lookup and Phonetic Name fields. 

Admins are able to update RSVP information entered by student
Commencement panel with updated Name and Name pronunciation with updated timestamp
  • The email will come from and will be sent to the student's UI email address
  • The email will include the RSVP close date
  • An email will be sent each time an RSVP is submitted or updated, regardless of whether the changes occurred in MyUI or in MAUI
Contents of the RSVP updated email, includes contact information if there are questions and the RSVP deadline.


Message sent with a timestamp for each message
View History panel and displays what changes were made to a students RSVP including who updated it with timestamps

Provide Student Access to RSVP

Students who RSVPd "Attending" or "Not Attending" in a previous session will not be able to access the RSVP in MyUI to submit attendance for the current session. Ex: student applied for degree during fall session, replied "not attending" for fall commencement and wants to attend spring commencement. 

Collegiate Administrators are able to edit the student's RSVP in MAUI which will restore their access to the RSVP in MyUI. 

The steps to facilitate the student's ability to access the RSVP in MyUI are as follows:

We can see the student submitted their "Not Attending" response for the spring 21 ceremony. They see the option to view their RSVP but cannot edit it.

RSVP response for a previous session and student is not able to edit or submit a new RSVP for the current session

You will see their commencement session is listed as spring 2021 with a "Not Attending" response. 

Commencement panel in MAUI with RSVP information submitted for previous session

Commencement Session will default to the current session. Select Attendance choice and Name information if known. If not known, leave as Official Student Name and the student can make edits in MyUI. 

Fields to edit on the RSVP and the "save" button

The student's commencement panel now shows the Commencement Session updated to Fall 2021 with "Attending" as the response.

Updated commencement session and attendance response in MAUI

The student should review their RSVP information and add a photo (optional), Phonetic Pronunciation and Contact information for their photo proofs. 

The student now has the option to open their RSVP to make edits and additions. Their commencement response is listed as "Attending" with the timestamp showing when the commencement coordinator made changes to the RSVP in MAUI. 

Student has access to the RSVP link and shows when the coordinator updated their RSVP in MAUI

Photo Approval Tool

Students who RSVP "Attending" and "Not Attending" will have the option to upload a photo for their commemorative slide. All photos will need to be reviewed by the college. These slides are for commemorative purposes and will not be used during in person ceremonies. 

An additional filter has been added to view "Attending" and "Not Attending" populations separately, if desired. 

You may begin reviewing slide photos at any time and we ask that all photos are reviewed prior to the photo submission deadline.

After saving their RSVP, a "Pending" status displays under their photo. 

Pending status under the student's chosen photo in the MyUI RSVP
Slide photo review link on the commencement panel in MAUI

Filters for the slide photo report
  1. College (Select 1 or more)
  2. Award Objective (select all or select individual Awards)
  3. Commencement Response (select All, Attending, Not Attending)
  4. Photo Review Status (Submitted, Approved, Not Approved)
  5. Filter RSVPs


Step 1: Click on each submitted photo to expand the image, checking for content and photo quality

Step 2: Use the drop-down under "Change Photo Status" and update to either "Approved" or Not Approved." You can update multiple students at a time. 

Step 3: Click "Save Changes"

3 steps: Review photo content, choose Photo Status, click Save

Confirmation for students whose photo status was updated

Current Photo Status and Change Photo Status columns will show "Approved" and the Photo Status and RSVP Last Updated columns will show an updated timestamp and HawkID of the individual who approved the photos. 

Updated photo status as well as timestamp

Photo status changes to Approved in RSVP after college approves the photo

Differences when choosing "Not Approved" photo status

This can be based on photo content or quality. This is a judgment call made by the college but the Commencement Team is happy to consult. 

Photo not approved" message under the student's uploaded photo in MyUI

Send the student an email explaining that their photo has not been approved. The student can upload a new photo, which will undergo the same approval process, as long as the RSVP is still open. 

Updated slide photo report with "not approved" next to student photo


Beginning with fall 2023, coordinators are asked to use the Microsoft Power BI Report titled "Degree Applications and Commencement" to pull their commencement attendance population. The Commencement Attendance report within MAUI can still be utilized for other purposes. 

Degree Applications and Commencement Ceremony (Power BI Report)

Coordinators will utilize this new report to provide commencement attendee information to the UI Commencement Team.  The information in this report provides the data needed to print the commencement name cards and to ensure that attendees receive their professional photo proofs after the ceremonies. 

Navigating the Report

The numbered information provided here pairs with the numbered image of the report below. 

  1. Click to expand filters
    1. On the right side of the report, click the "<<" symbol to expand the filter panel
  2. Scroll bar to view additional data
    1. The scroll bar located at the bottom of the report allows the user to view additional data fields
  3. Copy Value or Selection
    1. Right click on any data point within the report to copy the value or selection
    2. This will be most useful if you need to go to a specific student's information in MAUI
  4. Export the Report
    1. Below the "Clear All Filters" button, hover over the three dots and click "more options"
  5. Clear All Filters
    1. Clicking the yellow "Clear All Filters" button will clear any/all filters that were put in place within each individual filter within the sidebar
  6. Return to the Commencement Report Dashboard
    1. Within the report path at the top of the screen, click on "Commencement" to return to the report dashboard.
    2. Currently there is only one report but additional, more tailored reports may be created in the future.  
Microsoft Power BI Degree Applicant and Commencement Report

Commencement Attendance Report (MAUI Report)

The Commencement Attendance report provides a limited view of data on MAUI and can be exported to provide a great deal of information about commencement responses, degrees, Honors and Distinction, photo approval status, and more. 

Commencement attendance report link on the commencement dashboard in MAUI

Filter selections to make and the "view report" button

CSV and Excel export options at the bottom of the MAUI view

Additional Help With Commencement Management

Graduation mortar board.

UI Commencement Team