Recent enhancements have been made to the MyUI Course Browse area in MyUI. These enhancements, along with the addition of new filters, will allow users to search for courses utilizing a wide variety of filters. 

This page explains the filters available within MyUI Course Browse, and provides information and images pertaining to each. 

Course Type Filters

Course Type Filters can be used alone or in conjunction with other filters to narrow down course search results, based on the filter(s) used. 

Information about each Course Type Filter, including images of where the filters are located within MyUI course browse, is provided below. 

Course Type Filter Information

Required field for all searches. Select a Session to view courses.

Courses can be searched by typing in the Course Subject acronym into this field.  Once a Course Subject is selected then all courses for that Course Subject will display for the selected session.

Courses can be searched for by Course Number. This can be used in conjunction with Course Subject to find all courses with that number in a particular subject or used by itself to find all courses with the corresponding number regardless of subject.

Users have the option to search with a wild card (*). e.g. 2345, 2*** (2000 level), 23** (2300 level).   

Courses can be searched for by Section Number.  This can be used in conjunction with Course Subject or Course Number to find all courses with that section number in a particular Course Subject and Course Number, or used by itself to find all courses with the corresponding Section Number, regardless of Course Subject or Course Number.

Option to multi-select semester hours 0-6. Metrics showed that these s.h. were the most used for course offerings. ARR hours search is not included. 

Searched for 1, 2 and 3 semester hour courses:

Check boxes with 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 credit hour options for course browse


Display of partial results returned show courses within the credit hour parameters chosen.

Course returns when searching for courses with 1, 2 or 3 credit hours


Courses can be searched by entering at least 3 characters in the Text Search. This field searches for the Course Title, General Catalog Description, Section Title, Section Subtitle, Course Information and Section Information. 

If searching a string of words, use quotations. E.g. “Ancient Greece” 

Courses can be searched by entering an instructor. e.g. Smith, John / John Smith / John / Smith

Option to search “ANY” and “ALL” Gen Education Search. This option was added to allow searching for the Sustainability Gen Ed. (Program 4). By default, “ANY” will be selected. 

Advanced Course Filters

Used alone or in conjunction with other filters, Advanced Course Filters allow users to drill down more specifically to view courses matching the criteria chosen. 

Information about each Advanced Course Filter is available below. 

Advanced Course Filter Information

Definition in MyUI: "(Yes - Honors Courses Only, No - No Honors Courses, Blank - Returns all courses). Honors courses are identified by a "Restricted to Honors Program Members" restriction or those with an HONR course subject prefix." 

This Yes or No toggle field replaces "Honors Courses" which was previously located in the Course Listings area. 

Field Location in MyUI Course Browse:

"yes" and "no" toggle options to search for Honors courses


Display of partial results show only Honors courses:

Honors course search returns, all returns are Honors courses



Definition in MyUI: "(Yes - TILE Courses Only, No - No TILE Courses, Blank - Returns all Courses). Classrooms that facilitate active student groupings where collaborative work is complemented with media technology for team-based, inquiry-guided learning." 

This Yes/No toggle field displays search results for TILE Courses, based on the room receiving a Facility Room Type of “Collaborative”, not the Delivery Mode of “TILE”. 

Example of TILE courses returned with the "Yes" TILE courses filter is selected:

TILE search toggle Yes with MyUI search returns showing only TILE course sections

Definition in MyUI: "A Delivery Mode is used to identify how section content is taught."

Multi-select options are based on descriptions “Shown in MyUI” within the Delivery Mode look-up table in MAUI.

In the following example, both Online and Hybrid Delivery Modes were selected. Partial search returns show results for both Delivery Modes.

Online and hybrid delivery modes chosen and search results showing online and hybrid sections

Definition in MyUI: "A Managing Program is an area of campus that oversees a group of course offerings related to course construction and tuition attribution."

Multi-select options are based on descriptions “Shown in MyUI” within the Management Type Grouping Look-up Table in MAUI.

Distance and Online Education Managing Program selected with Distance and Online Education course sections reflected in the search results.

Definition in MyUI: "A course level is used to identify the level of study based on course number."

  • Undergraduate students will need to receive special permission to enroll in a course at this level (see College of Engineering exception below).
  • If a course is offered through the College of Engineering or for cross-referenced courses where an Engineering department is the administrative home, undergraduate Engineering students can enroll without special permission; undergraduate students from other colleges will need special permission.

Multi-select options are based on descriptions within the Course Level Look-up Table in MAUI. There is no “Shown in MyUI” flag for this drop-down. 

Course level 1000 - 2999 selected and partial search returns in MyUI of courses within that range.

Definition in MyUI: " A Course Category is a course or section element used as an optional identifier for a subset of courses or sections which share a particular characteristic."

Multi-select options are based on descriptions “Shown in MyUI” within the Course Category Look-up Table in MAUI

Example of "Shown in MyUI" column

"Shown in MyUI" column within MAUI displaying "yes"

This area will be used for First-Year Experience, Community Engagement Courses (CEC), and Clinical Experience Courses with the ability to expand in the future. 

Time & Location Filters

Time & Location Filters have been enhanced, providing users with the ability to search for courses within specific meeting days, times of day, and regions on campus.

These filters may be used alone and in conjunction with other filters to help individuals eliminate course returns that will not work with their curricular and/or extra-curricular obligations. 

Time & Location Filter Information

This field defaults to the current date, if no date is entered. The search finds courses with an override start date which occurs after the date selected. 

In the following example, October 17, 2022 was used as the course start date. Partial returns of the course start date search show off-cycle courses beginning October 17 or after. 

Date selection calendar and results of search for courses beginning October 17 or after

Users can multi-select days of the week, and the returned information will only display courses meeting within those criteria. 

This filter will be most effected when used with the Time Range filter and/or when search for a specific Course Subject, Course Category or Course Level.

In the following example, Chemistry (CHEM) courses meeting on Tuesday/Thursday were searched. Search results show sections meeting on both Tuesday and Thursday. Search results will also show sections that meet only on Tuesday, or only on Thursday.

Chemistry subject search paired with TTh meeting pattern, results show Chemistry sections meeting on Tuesday and Thursday, or Tuesday or Thursday.

Users can select a "start time" and "end time," and returned information will include only courses with start and end times within the chosen parameters. 

Definition in MyUI: "An off-campus location where courses are offered."

This is a multi-select field where users can search by Learning Center(s). Information is based on the short description for Learning Centers marked as "Shown in MyUI" within the Learning Center look-up table in MAUI. 

Previously, the Learning Center filter was located within Course Type and was single-select only. The updated Learning Center filter is located within the Time & Location area, and multiple Learning Centers can be searched at the same time.

Previous Learning Center filter with only one search at a time, and new Learning Center filter where more than one location can be searched at once.

Definition in MyUI: "A Campus Region is based on an area of campus in which the course's building is located."

A new, multi-select search feature which allows users to search for courses based on regions on campus. An interactive map specifying which campus buildings are within each region will be added in the future. 

Additional Filters

The Ordering and Availability filters must be used in combination with at least one of the Course Type, Advanced, or Time and Location filters to obtain search results. 

Additional Filter Information

Used in combination with other filters, this drop-down filter returns information based on "Best Match" or "Course Number" and defaults to "Course Number" if a selection is not made within this filter.  When entering a value in the Text Search field it will automatically change defaulting to “Best Match”.

The filter is similar to the Schedule Builder Course Search. 

"All Courses"

Generates a list of courses offered for the selected session and search parameters regardless of section status.

"Open and Available Courses"

Used in combination with other filters, this check box filter will return only courses that are still open for registration and will include courses that are "underway" but open for enrollment in MyUI through the first five days of the semester.

Note: This filter does not check eligibility based on restrictions or seat reservations. 

  • Regular semester-length courses
    • Courses offered with the section status "underway" and the current date is within 5 days of the session start date AND the section is not full will appear in the results.
  • Off-cycle courses
    • Off-cycle courses offered with the registration status "open" AND the section is not full will appear in the results

Filter Conversions

Several filters that existed in the previous iteration of MyUI Course Browse have been enhanced, and names of filters and location within the MyUI Course Browse area may have changed. 

Information is provided below for filters that have undergone functionality enhancements and location changes. 

Previous DOE search location and new DOE search in MyUI Course Browse



Current and updated MyUI Course Browse view for Honors course search

Previous location of credit hours search and new location of credit hours search with added credit hour search options.



Course Browse_old_new_Course Categories


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