This page provides information and instructions on textbook and resource management processes that are managed in MAUI.


Textbook and Resource Policies

Textbook and Resource policy information is located on the Office of the Registrar Website. Please review information on the Registrar Website for context regarding these processes. 

Textbook and Resource Processes Managed in MAUI

The following processes related to Textbook and Resource management are performed by Departmental Administrators within MAUI:

  • Entering No Textbook Required
  • Entering Extenuating Circumstances
  • Creating Other Resource information
  • Adjusting information viewable in MyUI
  • Reviewing MAUI reports related to Textbook and Resource management

Textbook and Resource Processes NOT Managed in MAUI

The following processes related to Textbook and Resource management ARE NOT performed in MAUI:

Information about how to order textbooks/resources is located on the Office of the Registrar website

Visit the ICON Direct page for more information about using ICON Direct. 

No Textbook Required/No Materials to Adopt

There are two ways to indicate there are No Textbooks Required for a course. To ensure HEOA compliance, No Textbook Information should be entered in MAUI Offerings Planner. 

MAUI - If not using the University Bookstore, Administrators must indicate No Textbook Required in MAUI for each Stand Alone or Lecture section offered in a given session in order to be in compliance with HEOA mandates (with the exception of IND and Study Abroad courses). 

Follett Discover - Administrators or Faculty can indicate "No Materials to Adopt" on the course card. 

Textbook and Resource information DOES NOT REPLICATE and will need to be updated each session a course section is offered.

Please review the following process for how to indicate No Textbook Required in MAUI.

Link shows section view of a course with View link and Textbook status highlighted
Image shows link to Textbook and Resources area within course section

You can choose to enter this status for one section or all sections, if there is more than one section of the course and none of the sections will require textbooks.

Image shows No Textbook Required for all sections chosen and Save button

A green status bar with a confirmation message appears, as well as information indicating if a book order is placed or extenuating circumstance is added in the future, the No Textbook Required indicator will be removed.

Image shows no textbook required has been saved

The section list panel now displays No Textbook Required for all sections of the course. 

Image show section summary page with No Textbook Required listed for all sections of the course

Extenuating Circumstances

When a department knows there will be textbooks required, but does not yet have the information available to provide, an Extenuating Circumstance can be entered in MAUI. 

There are three possible Extenuating Circumstances: Instructor Not Assigned, Course Under Development and Materials Not Available.

Entering an Extenuating Circumstance will temporarily place the course section in compliance. It is expected that at least one month prior to the course beginning the department will have ordered textbooks or resources through a bookstore, and/or added Other Resources in MAUI. 

Please review the following instructions for adding Extenuating Circumstances in MAUI.

image shows panel with 2 sections of a course with the View link highlighted
Image shows summary page of a course section with Textbooks and Resources link highlighted

Copy to all sections, if applicable. 

Image is of textbook and resources panel, showing the Extenuating Circumstance choices

Image shows saved Extenuating Circumstance with confirmation message

Instructor Not Assigned now displays next to the Textbooks and Resources link. 

Image shows summary page with Instructor Not Assigned as the Extenuating Circumstance.

Other Resources and Additional Information

Departments have the option to indicate Other Resources and Additional Information on the Textbooks and Resources panel. This can be done independent of, or in addition to ordering textbooks. 

Examples of Other Resources and Materials could include things like course packs, special equipment needed, or could include a note such as "Textbook and Resource information will be provided in the course Syllabus."

Please DO NOT use the Other Resources and Materials field to enter ISBN information. Instead please order the items through the bookstore(s).

Please DO NOT list other bookstores (brick and mortar or online) in this field. Instead, utilize the course Syllabus to provide the information.

The following information explains how to utilize the Other Resources and Additional Information area. 

Image shows course section with Textbooks and Resources link highlighted

Image shows the Other Resources and Additional Information link on the textbook panel

Image shows text field where other resource information can be provided along with the save button

Image shows Textbook panel with Other Resource information added

Clicking the pencil icon pulls up the Edit panel, clicking the trashcan will delete the information. 

Image shows Edit and Delete options for other resources entered

Image shows course Summary page with Other Resources listed next to Textbooks and Resources link

Textbook and Resource Reports

There are several resources available to help manage and identify course sections which require action to meet HEOA compliance. 

Please review the following options for Textbook and Resource compliance tracking. 

Textbook Compliance Panel

Textbook Compliance Graph

The Textbook Compliance Graph and links to other reports are located on the Offerings Planner page, below the Unsatisfied Waitlists widget. 

Each blue bar represents a Course Subject.

Image shows graph of textbook compliance for 2 course subjects
Textbook Compliance (Detailed View)
Image shows detailed view link highlighted next to Textbook Compliance header

Compliant sections are indicated with a green check mark. Non-compliant sections are indicated with a red "X". 

Administrators can click directly into course sections from this panel to make updates.

If Extenuating Circumstance were entered previously they will display on this panel. 

Image shows compliant sections with green check mark and non-compliant sections with red "x"
Textbook Compliance (Non-Compliant Sections)
Image shows link to the non-compliant textbook listings by department

When linked to the Non-Compliant Course Sections report, the Administrator must choose College, Department, and Session. 

The report will only show sections (by chosen session) which are not in compliance. 

Image shows results of non-compliant course sections report based on College, Department and Session chosen


Courses Missing Textbooks Report

Offerings Planner:

Click on the link on the Non-Compliant Course Sections page.

Image shows link to the Courses Missing Textbooks report which is located on the Non-Compliant Course Sections page

Registrar Reports

*** If you are not on campus, you must be using the VPN to view this report.

On the Registrar tab, click View all Registrar Reports.

image shows View All Registrar Reports link on MAUI Registrar tab

Image shows results of search by session and course subject for courses missing textbooks
Office of the Registrar Lockup

MAUI Support

Assists faculty and staff with processes in MAUI under the Registrar tab, including Administrative Registration, Section Offerings, Grades and more.