This page provides instructions associated with MAUI Waitlist processes. 


Administrative Waitlist Panel

The Administrative Waitlist Panel allows bulk entry of waitlist statuses for a course on one panel, thus eliminating the need to update the waitlist status on each section. 

How to Use the Waitlist Panel

Search field for courses
Edit Waitlist button on the Offerings Planner > Edit Waitlist/Registration Status page
Column where waitlist plan changes are selected.
Location of Save button which will retain waitlist plan changes

E-mail Students on Waitlist

Administrators are able to email members of the waitlist for a course section. 

Steps to Email Students on Waitlist

Location of MAUI Waitlist link to waitlist panel
Email students link on the waitlist panel

Your options are to Check All or click into the individual boxes to the left of each student's information. 

Boxes where individual students can be selected to receive waitlist email
Boxes where individual students can be selected to receive waitlist email

Examples of times a department may wish to contact waitlist members:

  • Department is going to open more seats in the waitlisted section
  • Department is cancelling the section students are on the waitlist for
  • Department is creating a new section and wishes to notify waitlist students of a new enrollment option
Panel where email is composed to send to selected waitlist members, as well as the Send button
Panel where email is composed to send to selected waitlist members, as well as the Send button

A green confirmation banner will display briefly after the message is sent. 

Add Students to Waitlists

The department is able to administratively add students to waitlists. 

A time this would be done is if a section is being cancelled and the department wishes to offer a student a seat in another section. In this case, the student would be added to the waitlist and then the waitlist would be reprioritized. Another example is if a student wishes to section change before a course is underway, and the course is full. 

Steps to Add Students to Waitlists

Search for section and click "view"
Click on the MAUI Waitlist link.
Click "Add student to Waitlist"
Use HawkID or UID to search for student and click "add"
Click the "email student" link.
Compose email to student and click "send"

Trigger Waitlist Offers

When a department decides to increase the number of seats in a full course and the course has a waitlist, the Administrator can make changes to the course offering which will trigger waitlist offers to go out.

Steps to Trigger Waitlist Offers - Single Section

If the department needs to re-prioritize the waitlist prior to increasing the seat count it is imperative that the Registration Status be changed to Pending to prevent waitlist offers from being send prematurely.

Best practice is to pend the section in all cases as a safeguard to unintended waitlist offer triggers.

Location of Registration Status update link
Location of the Optimum Enrollment link
Location of the Edit Optimum Enrollments link

Be sure to review the capacity for the room assigned to the section. If more seats are needed than are available for the assigned room, please contact Classroom Scheduling to discuss options. 

Text field where optimum enrollment can be changed
Location of Return to Summary link

Opening the section will trigger waitlist offers. The Current Enrollment now reflects the new Optimum Enrollment count and includes students who have been offered a seat.

Registration Status changed to Open and updated enrollment count

Returning to the MAUI Waitlist panel shows the Pending waitlist offer count. 

Pending waitlist offer count

Switching Sections Within a Full Course

Scenario: A course with multiple sections is not yet underway and the course is full. A student already enrolled in one section of the course seeks a section change, but cannot do so in MyUI because all sections are full. 

In this case, the department can make changes to the course via optimum enrollments and waitlists, which will allow a waitlist offer to be sent. 

Steps to Trigger Waitlist Offers - Switching Sections Within a Course

If the department wishes to retain the same total number of seats in the course, the department should lower the optimum enrollment of the section a student is moving out of by one seat

Switching Sections Within a Full Course - Related Sections

Prior to a course being underway, if a student wishes to change discussion/lab sections and the course is full but the department does not wish to increase overall seats, there is a process by which the department can send out a waitlist offer to the student, maintaining the same overall enrollment in the course. Steps to achieve this aim are below. 

Steps to Trigger Waitlist Offers - Lecture/Discussion or Lab Related Sections

Returning the registration status to open will trigger a waitlist offer to go to the student, and they will have 24 hours to accept the waitlist offer. 

Re-prioritize Waitlists

A department may wish to change the order in which students are listed on the waitlist (re-prioritize). Please review the provided steps for this process. 

Steps to Re-prioritize Students on Waitlists

Pending the section will prevent any possible waitlist offers from going out while priorities are being updated. 

Location of Registration Status update link
MAUI Waitlist link
Location of Edit Priorities link

In this example, we will be moving the student in position #4 to position #1. Type "1" in that student's priority column. You must then also type "2", "3", and "4" and so on above and below the student being reprioritized. 

A red asterisk will appear next to the students whose priorities will be updated. 

Priority text field with priority numbers added for each student on the waitlist

Students will now appear on the waitlist in the order you've chosen. A green bar with a message confirmation changes were saved displays at the top of the panel.

Waitlist Panel with updated waitlist order and confirmation message that changes were saved
Location of Return to Summary link
Registration Status changed to Open


Populate (Seed) Waitlist for New Course Sections

Administrators can bulk add students to Pending course sections via this tool. For example: a department will create a new course section and wishes to add unenrolled students from other section waitlists to the waitlist for the newly created section. 

Please review the provided steps for this process. 

Steps to Populate New Section Waitlists

Registration Status link where the status must be changed to Pending in order to seed the waitlist.

The "seed waitlist" link will only activate when the Registration Status is Pending and MAUI Waitlist has been chosen.

MAUI Waitlist link which must be clicked in order to seed the waitlist.

MAUI will copy over non-enrolled students who are Active on another waitlist for the course with the same Section Type. This occurs regardless of Management Type.

Location of Seed Waitlist bar. Clicking on the bar will seed the waitlist.

Students are added to the seeded waitlist if they meet registration rules. The same rules apply as if the student were adding themselves to the waitlist. 

Notification that the waitlist was seeded, including number of students

If students do not meet registration rules or are already enrolled in another section of the course, they will not be seeded and an error message will display.

If there are any students who should be removed from the seeded waitlist, do so at this time. You as the administrator are prompted to notify or not notify the removed student. We suggest not notifying them since they are not yet aware they were added to the new waitlist. 

You can also make waitlist priority changes at this time, if needed.

Edit Priorities button: 

Edit priorities button which opens up the panel to edit waitlist order and remove students from waitlist

Edit Priorities/Remove students panel:

Fields where priorities and waitlist removal occur

Warning message after clicking Remove:

Confirmation of student removed from waitlist

Ok removes the student from the waitlist, Cancel makes no changes. 

Click on "Send Seeded/Administratively Added Waitlist Notification" link, which will trigger email, MyUI messages and text notifications.

"Send Seeded/Administratively Added Waitlist Notifications" link

A green alert message will confirm the number of students notified:

Email sent confirmation message

Example e-mail:

Notification email student receives when they have been administratively added to a waitlist.

Changing the Registration Status to Open will trigger waitlist offers to be sent. The maximum number of waitlist offers sent will be determined by the optimum enrollment set for the section.

Registration Status changed to Open and Current Enrollment based on waitlist offers sent.

You may need to touch the optimum enrollment area to trigger the waitlist offers to go out.

To do so, click on Optimum Enrollment, click on Edit Optimum Enrollment, enter the same number of seats, and click Save. 

Things to Note about Waitlist Seeding

Seeding brings over course identity if the course is cross-referenced.
Same section type seeding: discussion to discussion, lecture to lecture, etc.
Logic will look at multiple waitlist membership, priority number, and timestamp.

Example: A student is on two waitlists, in position #3 on one and position #4 on another. They would be seeded as #3 on the waitlist. 

If multiple students have the same priority number, seeding is based on timestamp.
Seeding brings over texting notification choice student made with previous waitlist.
Students seeded onto a new waitlist are not programmatically removed from other waitlists.
Seeding a waitlist for a summer course will seed students on the waitlist for other sections of that course, regardless of sub-session.

Waitlists and Seat Reservations

Information about waitlists and seat reservations will be added soon. In the meantime, please visit the Office of the Registrar website for information. 

Waitlists and Registration Holds

If a student has any registration holds in place, they are not able to add themselves to waitlists.

Additionally, if a seat becomes available and the next student on the waitlist has any registration holds, the student will not be notified that a seat is available. If/when the hold is resolved, the student would then receive a waitlist offer should a seat become available. 


Course Waitlist Report

This report displays a list of students who are on waitlist of selected courses. It also allows the users to jump to the MAUI waitlist page. The report is based on warehouse data.

Using the Course Waitlist Report
Waitlist report filters chosen will determine what information the report produces

This report can be particularly helpful if a department wishes to reprioritize waitlists based on program or classification. Users can then go to the course section and reprioritize waitlists if needed. 

Waitlist report shows course number, position on waitlist and other data about each student.

Downloading this report will allow the user to filter and organize information in a way that is most helpful for their particular needs. 

Clicking the floppy disc icon allows the user to export the report.

Additional Help with Waitlist Administration

Person with question mark icon.

Registrar MAUI Support

Assists faculty and staff with processes in MAUI under the Registrar tab, including Administrative Registration, Section Offerings, Grades and more.