To enter final grades, log into MAUI, access your grade roster, enter grades for each student and submit your final grades roster to the DEO. Grades in “saved” status will not be sent to the DEO for approval. See the grades workflow definitions for detailed status information.


Navigate to Final Grades Lists


my courses link

my courses session search


Final Grades Entry & Submission

Manual Grade Entry

grade dropdown menu

Note: Special grading or standard grading for the course does not indicate that all students will have the same grading scheme in the drop-down menu. Please contact to inquire about student grades or grading instructions.

Click one of the following options

  • If the final grade entries are complete click "Submit"
    • Note: All grades must be entered before submitting. Complete grade entry and re-submit. 
  • To save an incomplete final grades list click "Save and Complete Later." If users exit the screen without saving their list, grade entries will not be saved.
    • Note: If grades are not submitted and in “Approved” status by the grades deadline “O” grades will be reported on the students’ records.  


save and submit buttons

You should now see a “Submitted” status under the "Final Status" column and the following message:

"Final Grades have been submitted and saved to the database."

Final grades submitted and saved message

File Upload

Image of link, "Upload Final Grades"

Sample csv file link

Do not edit the column headers on the sample file. As instructed on the sample file, delete the rows containing instructions and column descriptions (rows 3-15).

Image of Final Grade Sample file with box around rows 3-15 with text "delete rows 3-15"

Include the following required data:

  • "student" (HawkID or UniversityID)
  • "grade"

NOTE: When using UniversityID, Format UID cells to include lead zeros (see example below). 

Image of steps to format cells containing UID

Optional data:

  • "status"
  • "date"
image of final grade data within excel file

NOTE: Invalid grade options will not load into MAUI. Review all final grades after uploading your .csv file to ensure appropriate grades are entered.

When saving the Excel file choose,

  • CSV (Comma delimited)(*.csv)


  • Text (Tab delimited)(*.txt)

Upload Instructions

  1. Click "Choose File"
    Image of "Choose File" button
  2. Select the file and click "Open"
    image of locating csv file
  3. Click "Show Sample Data"
    image of "show sample data" button
  4. Click "Validate Data" if sample data is correct or select "Reject File" if sample data is incorrect. 
    image of "Validate Data" button
  5. Click "Import File" if validation is successful or "Reject File" if an error occurs. 
    Image of "Import File" button

  • Verify grades and attendance uploaded correctly
  • Correct errors

Jump to Manual Entry


A simplified view of MAUI, the student information system, inside an ICON course.

Grade Submission Deadlines

Standard Full Semester Length Courses (fall and spring)

3 business days after final exam week

Summer sub-sessions

(4-week, 6-week I, 6-week II, 8-week, 12-week)

3 business days after final exam day


4 business days after close of classes

Off-cycle Courses

10 calendar days from the course end date listed in MAUI


Academic Calendar

Select the “Grades and Attendance” filter


Column displaying final grades deadline heading and date


My Courses



Grades deadline column with date


Course Grades


  • Saved: Applied by any instructor delegate assigned to the academic unit, or an instructor "allowed to save grades" assigned in Course Offerings. Slip will not enter workflow until grades are submitted.
  • Submitted: Applied by any instructor delegate assigned to the academic unit, or an instructor "allowed to submit grades" assigned in Course Offerings. The slip enters workflow into the 'Course Grade DEO Approval Basket' with an 'Active' status. 
    • If there is a Course Supervisor assigned to the course, the slip enters workflow into the 'Course Grade Course Supervisor Approval Basket' for approval before it can be seen by to the DEO Grades Approver.
    • If there is only one DEO Grades Approver, that user will be automatically assigned the workflow slip and will appear in the individual’s universal workflow notification basket.
    • If more than one DEO Grades Approver, each user will have access to the workflow slip in the MAUI Grades Workflow screen. The user can either approve the slip which will automatically assign it to them, or they can reassign it to another user. WARNING: reassigning grades slips may result in a bug that prevents the slips from being approved by anyone by a Registrar Grades Administrator; please consider notifying the individual to whom you would have assigned the slip that they should check the MAUI Grades Workflow instead of reassignment.
  •  Approved: Applied by any DEO Grades Approver. The slip remains 'Course Grade DEO Approval Basket' but has an 'Approved' status. 
    • When an instructor submits their final grades or a grade change for approval an email is generated and sent to each user who is assigned the role of DEO Approver for the academic unit the course subject points to. They will also receive a nightly email if they have unapproved workflow slips they have access to approve. If a DEO receives an email about grades, they must check MAUI workflow, not universal workflow.
  • Final: Automatically applied by MAUI to all sections during a Grade Run. 
    • If the slip was not saved OR submitted by an instructor or instructor delegate, OR approved by a DEO Grades Approver by the time a Grade Run begins, then the slip is moved into the 'Course Grade Rejected Basket' and all students are assigned 'O' placeholder grades. Individual grade change forms are required to change an 'O' grade to a letter grade.

To correct grades please:

  1. Contact your department if the status of the final grades list is "Submitted" or "Approved"
  2. Submit a grade change request if the status of the final grades list is "Final"

"O" grades indicate "no grades reported." This happens when grades are not in "Approved" status when the grade run occurs. To report final grades submit grade change requests and notify your department of the requests.

  • If you are a TA contact the Primary Instructor of the course to have grades submitted
  • If you are a Primary Instructor with a Course Supervisor please contact the Course Supervisor
  • If you are the Primary or Team Teacher please contact the department to review your grade submission permissions

Incomplete grades will automatically be converted to F= at the end of the next full semester (summer and winter sessions excluded), even if the student does not enroll after the session the Incomplete was posted.  


  • When a graduate student registers individually for S-U grading for a course, and the student is assigned an Incomplete by the instructor but the student does not complete the work by the end of the next semester, the Incomplete will convert to U= instead of F=. This is the only time a grade other than F= is assigned by automatic conversion of Incompletes at the end of a session.
  • Guided Independent Study (GIS) courses from a spring semester will convert to F= in the next session, including the summer session.


Students enrolled in sections through the BTAA CourseShare Project will not appear on official attendance, midterm, and grade lists in MAUI. The Office of the Registrar will report enrollment and grade information. 


CourseShare checklist 

CourseShare Department Contact Responsibilities

BTAA Campus Coordinator

Rosie Ver Steegh
Division Administrator Administrative Services Manager
Division of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

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