This page provides information and tools to help Administrators understand what optimum enrollment means and how to make adjustments to optimum enrollments for their department. 


Enrollment Definitions

The Current Enrollment field cannot be edited and will display the number of students currently enrolled in the section.  If there are students enrolled and the user has access they can click on the number displayed to view the Class List.

Current Enrollment information on section summary page.

The optimum number of students that the department wants enrolled in the section.  Academic Departmental Administrators can update this field while the Offerings Planner is open for editing and up to the room capacity if in a University Classroom (UCR).

MyUI Opt information on section summary page.

This field is what will display in MyUI and can only be updated by the Office of the Registrar.  MyUI Opt should normally match the Optimum Enrollment but can be used as an temporary override after consultation with a department and the Office of the Registrar.

Optimum enrollment information on section summary page.

Link to a page that will display the enrollment for section viewed and all other related sections and exams.

View all enrollments link which takes the user to the page where enrollments of all related sections is listed for courses with related sections.
Edit Section Information page where related course enrollments are shown.

Optimum Enrollment Explained

Optimum enrollment represents the total number of students who can enroll in a course. Departments can use the Average Historic Enrollment table located at the top of each course offering to help guide the optimum enrollment chosen for the course. 

Average historical enrollment table at the top of a course section summary page.

Courses with related sections (lecture/lab, lecture/discussion, etc) will need to update optimum enrollments at the same time on the Offerings Planner<Sections page. It is important that the number of lecture seats matches the number of seats available in the related sections. Sections with Pending Registration Status are factored into the total number of seats in a lecture. 

Stand Alone Section Adjustments

Optimum Enrollment can be adjusted by administrators when the MAUI Offerings Planner is Open. If the course is using a University Classroom, MAUI will not allow the Optimum Enrollment to exceed the room capacity. 

A calendar at the top of the Offerings Planner page shows when the Planner is Open and Closed for Scheduling. 

Schedule of deadlines for course offerings.

Single Section Optimum Enrollment Adjustments

The following instructions explain how to adjust the optimum enrollment for a single course section. 

Search field on Offerings Planner panel with the subject:course:section highlighted.
Two ways to access Edit Section Panel; click on Optimum Enrollment or Enrollment Counts in the Tabs drop-down.

Two ways to access Edit Section Panel; click on Optimum Enrollment or Enrollment Counts in the Tabs drop-down.

Text field where optimum enrollment can be changed.

If the department needs to increase the seat count beyond the current classroom capacity, please communicate with Classroom Scheduling. 

Error message when attempting to increase optimum enrollment beyond room capacity.

For more information on adjusting optimum enrollment when there's an active waitlist please visit the Waitlist Administration page. 

Multiple Section Optimum Enrollment Adjustments

For courses with more than one section it is possible to adjust the optimum enrollment for one or more of the sections on one panel. 

Course search field.

Edit optimum enrollments link


You can adjust one or more optimum enrollment amounts, up to the maximum seating for the assigned classroom. 

Please note: if there is an active waitlist on a section and the optimum enrollment is increased for a full section, waitlist offers will be triggered.

Panel to adjust optimum enrollment count for all sections of a course, includes maximum seating for assigned classrooms

Related Section Adjustments

Optimum enrollment adjustments for courses with related sections, ex: lecture/lab, lecture/discussion, lecture/lab/discussion must occur at the same time on the Edit Optimum Enrollments panel. It's important that the number of seats in the lecture matches the total number of seats in the related sections. 

Use the search field to enter the CRSE:SUBJ.

Edit enrollment counts button opens panel to adjust enrollment of multiple sections.

Amount each section will be increased and the "save" button.

Panel where updated optimum enrollment for related sections is displayed.

Waitlists and Optimum Enrollment

When a course section has an active waitlist and the section is full, waitlist offers will go out when the optimum enrollment is increased. 

Change the Registration Status to Pending prior to making any adjustments to the optimum enrollment when a course has an active waitlist and the section is full. 

When you're ready to send out waitlist offers, change the Registration Status to Open. 

For instructions on adjusting optimum enrollments and triggering waitlists please visit the Waitlist Administration page. 

Seat Reservations and Optimum Enrollment

Information coming soon!


Course Enrollment Trend Report

Departments can utilize the course enrollment trend report to compare enrollment counts with the optimum enrollment set for course sections.

Information for one or more sessions can be compared. The report also displays a count of how many students were on the waitlist for each section (if applicable). 

How to Generate the Course Enrollment Trend Report

The toolbox icon is located near your HawkID at the top right of the screen on any tab in MAUI.

Toolbox icon on MAUI screens where reports link is selected.
User must choose report parameters for information returns about enrollment.
  1. Select "snapshot type"
  2. Select Session(s)
  3. Select "snapshot qualifier(s)" which correspond with sessions chosen
  4. Select College
  5. Select Academic Unit(s)
  6. Select Management Type(s)
  7. Optional: change "is admin home" from yes to no
  8. Optional: change "only Gen Ed" from false to True
  9. Click View Report 
Section returns for one academic unit showing actual enrollment compared with opt enrollment.
Computer Disk icon can be selected to choose report download options.

Additional Help with Optimum Enrollments

Person with question mark icon.

Registrar MAUI Support

Assists faculty and staff with processes in MAUI under the Registrar tab, including Administrative Registration, Section Offerings, Grades and more.