This page explains Course Replication, Planner Statuses and Offerings Planner Navigation to assist with future session course offerings review.

Course Replication

Course Replication occurs three times each year. Course sections for fall, spring and summer sessions replicate forward to the next like session. 

  • Course sections with a Planner Status of "Approved" and Registration Status of "Pending" or "Open" will replicate. 
  • Sections with Registration Status "Cancelled" do not replicate, and remain in Planner and can be copied by the department to future sessions if needed. 
  • Sections with a Planner Status of "Planning" do not replicate,and remain in Planner can be copied by the department to future sessions if needed.

Replication Schedule (approximation)

  • Late August: fall replication
  • Early February: spring replication
  • Mid June: summer replication

Departmental Administrators are notified via email when Offerings Planner has opened for a future session, at which time course sections can be reviewed, edited, and submitted to workflow. 

After replication, green checkmarks will display in the Sections for Session column on the Offerings Planner > Search Results panel.

Session column highlighted to show course sections which have replicated

  • Section Number
  • Credit Hours
  • Registration Status
  • Optimum Enrollment
  • Waitlist Plan
  • Meeting Pattern
  • Departmental Room Assignments
  • Building Preference
  • Instructors (IND Courses ONLY)
  • Delivery Modes
  • Delivery Tools
  • Restrictions
  • MyUI Course and Section information

  • University Classroom Assignments
  • Room Preferences
  • Instructors (IND courses excepted)
  • Textbooks and Resources
  • Syllabus

Offerings Planner Navigation

Offerings Planner is located on the Registrar tab in MAUI.

Search for Courses

On the Offerings Planner page use the search field at the top left. Type the course subject (3 or 4 letters) and click "Search."

Course search by subject to see all courses for that subject

The page will display all courses approved at the Course Library level to be offered by the department. Courses with green check marks are listed to offer for the session. Courses without checkmarks can have sections created by the department if desired.

Partial course list view after searching by the course subject


On the Offerings Planner page use the search field at the top left. Type the course subject and course number SUBJ:CRSE and click "Search."

Course:subject in the search field to view an individual course

The page will display all sections of the course. Individual sections are accessed by clicking "View" next to the section number.

A list of all sections of one course

To return to the full course list, click "return to course list" at the top right of the screen.

The "return to course list" button on the course section page

On the Offerings Planner page use the search field at the top left. Type the  subject:course number:section number and click "Search."

Type subject:course number:section number then "search" to view specific course section

The Section Information page displays the Summary of the individual course section.

Summary page of a course section is displayed after searching for subject:course:section

Return to the Course Section panel or full Course List by clicking on the "Return to Section List" or "Return to Course List" links.

On the section information screen, links to return to section list and return to course list links are shown

Planner Dashboard Components

Use the Course Search field to search courses at the department, course or section level. 

Course search field located at the top left of the offerings planner dashboard

Use the Session select drop-down to view courses for past, current and future sessions. 

Session search dropdown at top right of offerings planner dashboard

The Offering Planner Schedule shows important planner-related dates for multiple sessions. Dates for planner open, planner closed, planner review, courses viewable on MyUI and early registration dates are included. 

Planner schedule located on the offerings planner dashboard

This area details the critical course fields which will have an impact on the course if they are changed.  

Information about critical fields in a course offering that, if changed, can impact students and classroom assignments

Departments can use the information in this area to review the course elements which can be added and edited while the planner is closed for scheduling. Items include: Planner is always open for instructor, textbook, descriptions, requirements, recommendations, restrictions, registration information, waitlist plans, and syllabuses; creating new sections, but not submit for University Classrooms; and creating/modifying/submitting sections not related or assigned to University Classrooms.

List of items departments can edit in a course offering even when planner is closed for classroom scheduling

Links to help resources

Planner Help currently links to Wiki but will link to this Help Site in the future.  

Planner Support links to the Reg-MAUI-Support email to contact that team directly for assistance.

Planner help links on sidebar in offerings planner

The Planner Menu includes links to various information including Course Library, Faculty Look-up, Restrictions, Exam NeedsFinal Exam Assignments, Instructor Assignment, Proof Copy and Registration Information.

Links to course components in the Planner Menu

This area provides information about unsatisfied waitlists for the department as well as links to additional information about waitlists. Detailed information and instructions are located on the Waitlist Administration page.  

This area provides detailed information about Textbook and Resource compliance. Additional detailed information and instructions are located on the Textbook and Resource Management page.  

Administrators see information about textbook compliance for their department including links to reports

Planner Statuses Explained

Planning, Pending Initial Approval, Pending Approval, Approved

Planner status impacts several pieces for courses. For students it impacts whether or not courses are visible on MyUI to whether or not students can enroll in said courses. For administrators, Planner status can impact the ability to request or make course changes in MAUI and also provides departments with information on where a course is in the workflow approval process. 


When a course section shows Planner Status "Planning," that means the section is sitting with the department awaiting edit and review by the department. The section has not been submitted through workflow for approval by the Office of the Registrar.

  • Sections in "Planning" status will never show for viewing or registration in MyUI. 
  • Sections in "Planning" status will replicate forward (like session to like session).

Location on Offerings Planner > Sections page:

Planner Status displayed on Section Summary Page in Offerings Planner

Location on Section Summary page:

Planner Status displayed at the top of the course offering summary page

Sections can be submitted to Workflow on the Sections page...

Submit to workflow button on sections page

...or the section summary page.

Submit to workflow button on section summary page

The department may delete the section if it has never been submitted through workflow for that session and will not be offered during that session. 

Delete section button in section summary page when section is in Planning status

Deleting a section in this manner will prevent the section from replicating and has no impact on the department's ability to offer the course should new sections be needed.

Pending Initial Approval

The step after "Planning" is "Pending Initial Approval."

Credit Hours, Optimum Enrollment, Time/Location and Delivery Mode hyperlinks are no longer available when the planner status is "Pending Initial Approval."

Critical fields are no longer shown as hyperlinks when a section is Pending Initial Approval


When the Office of the Registrar approves a section workflow, the Planner Status changes to "Approved." Approved courses will display on MyUI when course browse for that session is active. Hyperlinks to critical fields including Credit Hours, Optimum Enrollment, Time/Location and Delivery Modes return in MAUI on the section summary page. 

Pending Approval

"Pending Approval" is the Planner Status which will display when a department requests a change to a course section after the Office of the Registrar has initially approved the course. 

If the department wishes to change the Credit Hours, Time/Location or Delivery Mode for a section which has already been approved they will be directed to a Revise Offering Form. The Revise Offering Form is accessed by clicking on the hyperlink for one of the above mentioned course components. Those updates cannot be made by a department after the section is "Approved" and must route to the Office of the Registrar for completion.

If course browse is active in MyUI for the session the course is being offered, the course will display as "Pending" and students will not be able to build schedules or enroll in the section until the section returns to "Approved" status. 

Additional Help with Offerings Planner

Person with question mark icon.

Registrar MAUI Support

Assists faculty and staff with processes in MAUI under the Registrar tab, including Administrative Registration, Section Offerings, Grades and more.